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Regulated Vertical Heat Exchangers

  • Minnesota
  • Wisconsin
  • North Dakota


Inhibited Propylene Glycol
  • Aluminum Safe Glycol
  • Ethylene Glycol
  • Fire Sprinkler Fluid
  • Test Kits & Meters
Inhibited Propylene Glycol Is Our Business.

Unlike other companies that offer glycol based head transfer fluids as only a small
part of their inventory, we specialize in inhibited propylene glycol. We have the
specialized expertise to help you find exactly the right product.

Provide Years of Corrosion and Freeze Protection to Your System with
Our Inhibited Propylene Glycol Products

Whether you are looking for inhibited propylene glycol to protect a
hot loop, chilled loop, or geothermal system, we have what you need to keep
your system running strong for years to come.

Inhibited Propylene Glycol Products

Eco-Smart HTF offers freeze and burst protection in conjunction with inhibitors that help prevent corrosion. The ideal choice for hot or chilled loop applications.

Our aluminum-safe inhibited propylene glycol product, Eco-Smart Aluminum, is specifically formulated to offer protection to aluminum components. It’s the perfect choice for boilers containing an aluminum heat exchanger. Please call for details.

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